S. No Year Details
1 1955-1956 College started on July 16 and had three courses with intermediate classes.
2 1957-1958 BA History, Economics and BSc Maths, Physics courses were started.
3 1962-1963 BSc Chemistry course was started.
4 1964-1965 BA Tamil was started.
5 1971-1972 Evening classes were started.
6 1977-1978 BA Defense was started.
7 1987-1988 PG and Research emerged in the Tamil department.
8 1999-2000 BSc Computer Science course was started.
9 2003-2004 The following courses were started BA Tourism and Travel Management
BCom (CA)
MA English
MCom (IB)
10 2005-2006 MA History, MSc Wild Life Biology were started.
11 2007-2008 II Shift classes for BSc Computer Science, BCom, BCom (CA) was introduced.

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