Period What has done..
1955-1956 College commenced with intermediate classes on July 16th.
1957-1958 UG courses , such as B.A. History, B.Sc Botany and B.Sc Mathematics, B.A Economics, B.Sc Physics were introduced.
1962-1963 U.G. Courses, such as B.Sc Botany and B.Sc Zoology were introduced.
1963-1964 UG Courses , B.Sc Chemistry was introduced.
1964-1965 UG Courses, BA tamil Literature was introduced.
1971-1972 U.G Courses, BA Economics was introduced and Evening college was started.
1977-1978 U.G Courses B.A Defence studies was introduced.
1980-1981 P.G Courses M.A Defence studies was introduced.
1981-1982 P.G Courses M.A Tamil Literature was introduced.
1982-1983 U.G Courses B.Com was introduced.
1983-1984 Evening College for commerce(B.Com) and P.G course, M.Sc Physics were introduced.
1984-1985 P.G Courses, M.Sc Chemistry and Research courses, such as M.Phil, Ph.D were introduced in botany department.
1987-1988 Research courses, Such as M.Phil and Ph.D were introduced in tamil department .
1999-2000 U.G Courses, B.Sc computer science was introduced.
2003-2004 U.G courses,Such as BA Tourism and Travel Management, B.Com(CA) , MA(CA) in elglish and M.Com(IB) were introduced.
2005-2006 PG Courses such as, MA History, M.Sc Wildlife Biology were started.
2007-2008 II Shift classes for BSc Computer Science, BCom, BCom (CA) was introduced.
2012-2013 Research courses M.Phil and ph.D were introduced in physics, Commerce and Zoology.
2013-2014 UG Courses such as B.Sc electronics and B.Sc wild life biology ,
B.Com(IB) and PG Courses, MA Economics, M.Com ,M.Sc maths M.Sc. Zoology and
Research course,M.Phil in Economics were started.
2018-2019 PG courses such as M.Com(CA), M.Sc Computer Science and Research courses , M.Phil and Ph.D in English were introduced.